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We can help releive the stress of hair thinning by offering the very best Hair Transplant prices.

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Affordable Hair Transplant Prices

Our main focus is on offering the very best hair transplant prices.  We offer a FREE hair transplant consultation where we can discuss hair transplant prices and payment plans. Our highly experienced staff are on hand at our state of the at hair transplant clinic to offer the very best advice to anyone who is suffering from hair loss. Our prices ar based on per graft – see below a rough guide into our hair transplant prices

Latest Techniques

All of our medical staff are constantly attending courses to see what the very latest hair regrowth techniques are and how they can best introduce them to our Hair Transplant Clinic.

Innovative Technology

We are constantly up dating our tech. Not only in the actual hair loss treatments but within the practice itself which is why we offer the very best aftercare service you will find anywhere in the UK.

Certified Experts

Not only is our Hair Loss Clinic certified but every member of staff including our hair transplant surgeons are up to date with all the neccessary legal and modern techniques available.

Our Services

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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments for Everyone.


Male Hair Transplants


Female Hair Transplants


Transgender Hair Transplants

Our guide to Hair Transplant Prices

See a quick guide below of our hair transplant prices

By Graft;

  • Up to 500 – £3000
  • Up to 750  — £3500
  • Up to 1000  — £4000
  • Up to 1500  — £4500
  • Up to 2000  — £5000
  • Up to 2500  —  £5500


“Thanks so much. I did have to visit the clinic a few times because of the type of treatment but I was treated superbly every time”

Lauren Hicks

“I thought I was the only female at my age with this problem but thanks to your staff they assured me it was very common”

Elenor Walsh

“Thanks again to everyone my hair looks and feels so natural again and I feel my life is back on track”

Nick Burns

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