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Welcome to Our Hair Transplant Practice

Our main focus is on offering the very best hair transplant procedures however this type os hair regrowth is not suitable for everyone which is why we offer both male hair loss solutions and female hair thinning solutions. Our highly experienced staff are on hand to offer the very best advice to anyone who is suffering from hair loss. We truly understand how this problem can have a huge effect on your everday life. Let us help take some of that stress away today.

Latest Techniques

All of our medical staff are constantly attending courses to see what the very latest hair regrowth techniques are and how they can best introduce them to our Hair Transplant Clinic.

Innovative Technology

We are constantly up dating our tech. Not only in the actual hair loss treatments but within the practice itself which is why we offer the very best aftercare service you will find anywhere in the UK.

Certified Experts

Not only is our Hair Loss Clinic certified but every member of staff including our hair transplant surgeons are up to date with all the neccessary legal and modern techniques available.

Your Surgeon Knows Best

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We are A Full Service Hair Loss Clinic

We offer different kinds of hair regrowth procedures including surgical hair transplant solutions, non surgical hair loss solutions, medication and hair shampoos, oils and treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions

See below just some FAQ’s

Who can undergo hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be successfully performed for all people with a sufficient amount of hair follicles regardless of the cause of hair loss. A hair transplant is the most frequent cosmetic surgery for men.

Which methods are used for hair transplantation?

In the hair transplantation procedures; FUE method that does not leave any scar or FUT method that may leave a slight scar in the back part of the head are performed with success.

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

The procedure is completed within a few hours depending on the amount of the hair loss. If the hairless area is too large, several sessions may be needed to complete the treatment. In general, the intervention is carried out with sedation under local anaesthesia.

What is the recovery/healing time after the treatment?

A special bandage is applied to the head section of the patient after the procedure and the patient is discharged a few hours later. Although pain is rare, pain control is provided with pain relievers. The patient can generally go back to work by keeping the head covered after a 3-days home rest. The first medical wound dressing is done on the 5th day.

From which area are hair taken for the hair transplantation?

In the procedure, the hair follicles taken generally from the nuchal area are transplanted to the targeted hairless area.

Does the transplanted hair fall out?

The hair that has been transplanted is shed within a few weeks following the transplantation procedure but this is normal situation because the lost hair will grow again 3-4 months later.

What are the important factors for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation presents some risks when it is not carried out under suitable conditions just as it is the case with all medical interventions. However, when the hair transplantation procedure is carried out by an experienced Hair Transplant surgeon, the complications are very rarely seen.

What is the success of hair transplantation?

For the hair transplantation to be successful, the hair follicles should be vascularized rapidly, that is they should “adhere” in the area where the follicles are placed. If done by a correct method, the success rate of hair transplantation is quiet high.

“Thanks so much. I did have to visit the clinic a few times because of the type of treatment but I was treated superbly every time”

Lauren Hicks

“I thought I was the only female at my age with this problem but thanks to your staff they assured me it was very common”

Elenor Walsh

“Thanks again to everyone my hair looks and feels so natural again and I feel my life is back on track”

Nick Burns

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